Information about Delta UDLAF

Delta UDLAF is a politically independent labour union for local employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We are the only organization focused on helping this unique and diverse global workforce which currently includes 40% of the employees at the MFA, and 60% of MFA's employees abroad. We focus on fair wages and work conditions for all local employees, regardless of citizenship and geographic location.

Delta UDLAF´s board and members work together to decide our agenda, and is not affiliated with any political ideologies or organizations.

UDLAFS main goal

Delta UDLAF's main goal is to negotiate an agreement with the MFA securing our employee rights in accordance with Norwegian and international legislation. On behalf of our members we strive to secure reliable workplace conditions and fair wages for all.

We also work on specific issues concerning local employees raised by our members across the world. We monitor upcoming legislative changes which might affect our jobs, and work to influence the legislative process where relevant.

Working conditions for local employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The MFA has a global staff counting more than 1000. This makes local employees the largest group of employees in the Foreign Service, yet we stand without basic rights such as collective bargaining. 

Delta UDLAF is working to shine the spotlight on local employee rights and work to influence processes on behalf of this group. We seek to increase our visibility and influence at the MFA.


Delta UDLAF was established in 2009 and is a labor union for employees of the MFA hired abroad. Delta - our umbrella organization with more than 78 000 members, rests under the umbrella of YS, one of the main labor unions in Norway with 22 member unions and 215.000 members.

UDLAF’s goals:

  • To be an organization for all local employees, regardless of nationality, and to ensure fair treatment and predictable workplace conditions.

  • To improve local work conditions and work environment by furthering our agenda within and beyond the MFA.

  • To ensure the safety and security of local employees globally.

  • To keep an evolving dialogue with the MFA in order to promote the interests and rights of local employees.

  • To assist and guide members who experience conflict in the workplace.

  • To inform and educate local employees of their legal and professional rights.

  • To lobby politically and publically to influence our rights, our situation and our standing as a unique and valuable group of employees the Ministry.


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